Pride and Community

Ok… so based on the title.. where is he going with this?  Pride in the Community?  Pride for ones Community?  Proud to be a part of the Community?

None of the above.  Or all of the above.
This week is a proud week for me, there are a lot of events and gathering that foster a great deal of pride in people of our community.  Namely, some of the kids.
I’ll start with this weekends Camporee.
Because our district is made up of predominately young men (and women) of the greater Gresham, Troutdale and Eastern Portland area, I have had the opportunity, especially through the Order of the Arrow to get to know many of them.
The vast majority of the youngsters in the district go to one of two High schools.  Reynolds High School or Gresham High School.  My children go to Reynolds, and so I get to see many of the Scouts from our district at High School events.  And so it comes full circle when they see me out at Camporee or OA events.
This weekends Camporee was a lot of fun.  And as always, I ran into the many young people that I know from our community.  As you may have figured out in the 400 plus posts, I’m not the shyest fellow and have a passion for seeing young people become successful.  Watching the Scouts this weekend, not only from my Troop, but from the many Troops that make up our community, achieve success was fun and gave me a great sense of pride in the them.
Last night I participated in a rehearsal for one of the Scouts in my Troop.  He is being Confirmed in the Catholic Church on Wednesday.  Some time ago he asked me to be his sponsor.  I am honored.  I have a great deal of pride in him and the choices he is making in his life.  Choices not only to stay with Scouting, but choices to gain a deeper relationship with our Lord.  Choices to do the right thing and put other people first.  I was humbled when he asked me to be his sponsor.  Of all the people, friends, family, other members of the Church, he asked me.  I am proud of him.
Tonight I went to the High School to listen to some fantastic musicians.  The High School Symphony, Concert Band, Orchestra, and ensembles put on a heck of a show tonight to present friends, family, and the community their talents and to present to the community the awards they earned as musicians this year.  And they were many.   As we gathered and sat in the concert hall at the High School, friends chatted and we celebrated the achievements of these good young people.  Many Scouts from the community were there, either in the band or watching a brother or sister play.  We exchanged hand shakes and pleasantry’s and I was introduced to parents.. one kid even introduced me as “He’s the cool Scoutmaster from 664” to his mother.
The concert was second to none.  I enjoyed every second of it.  I am proud of all of those talented young men and women, especially a certain young lady that plays the clarinet.   Tonight was her night and she took center stage in Dad’s eyes.
This Thursday our Troop will participate along with all of the other Troops, Packs, and Crews in our District in the Flag Placement ceremony.  Our District will place American Flags on every head stone, grave marker and memorial at the Willamette National Cemetery in Portland.  This will be 41st year our District has done this.  This simple act makes me proud.  To watch the Scouts of our community pay respect and honor those that have served gives me a great sense of pride and rightly so.  This single event teaches Scouts about citizenship, honor, selfless service and sacrifice, and duty.  It teaches them about character and determination and that there are greater things in this world.  It makes me proud to be apart of.
So pride and Community…  Yeah I am both Proud and a part of the community, a community made up of many great outstanding young men and women.  They should be proud also.
Have a Great Scouting Day!

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