The Scoutmaster Minute Show #33- FINALLY!

lntpatchPlanning and Preparing for your next out door experience should start with Leave no Trace.
Leave No Trace is a Nationally recognized program that has been adopted by the Boy Scouts of America to enhance our out door ethic and reinforce in our Scouts and attitude about good stewardship and respect of our back country.

This show tackles the first principle of Leave No Trace.. Planning ahead and Preparing.
Listen in as we discuss how planning makes all the difference in a leave no trace attitude.

Listen or Download here

Standard Podcast [23:21 min] mp3 format

A couple of notes.  Due to change in servers, domains and other computer issues, the intro and extro of the show are not entirely accurate.  To leave feed back for this show.  Please leave it at in the Scoutmaster minute area.  Or you can leave a comment here at this site or on itunes.  The other way (which is inaccurate in the show) is to drop me an email.  To do so send it to

Thanks for listening!

Have a Great Scouting Day! 

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