A little Elbow grease

It’s amazing how a little elbow grease proves to come with many rewards.

I had a discussion recently with a parent of one of our Scouts.  The parent was concerned about their Scouts lack of… well lets say… enthusiasm when it came to chores around the house.
It seems that working hard seems to have escaped our young men these days.  It is always easier to take the light load, it is easier not to hike as far or put in less effort to accomplish something.
I have seen this in my boys.  One of my sons will take as much time devising a scheme or “new invention” to accomplish the task, when just a little elbow grease would have knocked out the project in half the time.  “Elbow grease?  What the heck is that?”  My son asked.  I told him it means working hard… putting in the effort to do a job and do it well.
We had the opportunity to see reward for hard work on our last backpacking adventure.  The farther you go, the deeper into the wilderness, the higher the pay off in views, camp sites, and a pristine side of nature not seen by those not willing to put in the effort.
I love this.  I love the idea that if I work hard, I am rewarded.   I love the idea that if I hike a little farther I will be rewarded with better vistas, quieter camp areas, and less people.  I love the idea that when I work hard I am rewarded by having a nicer yard, a cleaner house, something I can be proud of.  So the question then is;  How so we instill that in our young me?
Well, I am still looking for the answer, but I can tell you for certain that our example is perhaps the best thing we can do to show how it is done, why we do it, and then what the rewards are.
Just something to think about.
Have a Great Scouting Day!

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