Adult Leader Roles

Tonight at our Troop Committee meeting I reminded the Committee that we are in need of a 5th Assistant Scoutmaster.

It prompted the discussion of roles of the ASM’s.  
We have had this discussion before, but in light of the size of the Troop it was worth bringing up again.
When the Troop was small and new, the ASM’s had a clear role of being Teachers, Coaches, and mentors.  Essentially, they had to start from scratch with a group of young boys.  
As skills developed and the boys became older, the role of the ASM’s morphed to a more relaxed coach.  Assisting where needed and working on specific skills.
Well now the Troop is big and young… very young.  The roles of the Assistant Scoutmaster’s have changed again.
We are now back into the Teacher, Coach, Trainer mode.
And so the role is back to a more hands on “Guided Discovery” approach.
Now we move the ASM’s back to covering down on a Patrol, teaching Patrol leaders, and developing the young men.
The roles of Adult leaders change and develop over time.  It is important that we recognize changes in the youth and their skill sets.
Further it is important that as the Scouts grow, you allow room and do not over supervise.  You have to let them remain boy led, even when skills are low and the age level is young.
Guided Discovery is the key.  Teach, Coach, Train, and Mentor the Scouts allowing them to own their Troop and make good decisions.  Decision making that is taught and learned from Assistant Scoutmaster’s that know their role.
Have a Great Scouting Day!

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