and a Word of Thanks

Sorry, I should have mentioned this in my last post.. but thanks to all the great Scouting Friends out there that have sent emails and twits… (I think that’s what you call them).

Everything is fine, like I said, just needed a break. Got it.. Not moving forward again.
Also, for those of you waiting for the next Podcast. It’s coming too.
I have a 7 part series on Leave no trace that will be hitting the net in about a week or so. Sorry for that delay too… part of the break.

And while I am still on the subject of break. I encourage all of you to take one now and then. It really is nice to take some “Me time” and get things sorted out… what ever that may be. It will make you a better person.

Have a Great Scouting Day!


  1. Hey Jerry,glad you’re back refreshed and renewed. It’s always good to stop and recharge the batteries. Look forward to your new stuff!Happy Easter to you and the family.Nick


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