Auto renew and the PCT

It looks like the “AUTO RENEW” feature from Blogger is less than effective.
The statements says it was renewed, but the site failed to do so.
So… it looks like I will be using the old format for at least a while till it is fixed.


I just got home from the Pacific Crest Trail Trail Fest!!
Whooo Hooo. Man, what a great time we had. Class’s, vendors, and hanging out with back packers all day!
Glen Van Peski from Gossamer Gear gave a fantastic presentation on lightening up your pack. His ultra light methods are a little much for me right now, but his tips on reducing by planning and thinking ahead were something that I will get in my routine starting now.
Sarah Kirkconnell from Trail cooking & the Outdoors blog also did a great presentation on cooking options on the trail. We got to chat with all the vendors in a real comfortable setting. I had a ball… and came away with a bag full of Swag!
Leave No Trace was there and had a neat demo on impact, and of course the PCT Association and other “Trail Friends” groups were there. It is nice to see the dedication to our wilderness areas and to this long trail.
It was a great time and I encourage all of you to go to similar events when they are near you. You come out motivated to hit the trail, you learn, and you get a greater appreciation for the trail.

Have a Great Scouting Day!

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