Wow, it’s been a week

Its been a real busy week for me, as you can tell, it’s been a week since I last posted.
So today I thought I’d drop a note and give a little recap about whats going on with me and Scouting.
The great news is that Scouting is doing great. Yesterday 4 more Scouts crossed over into our troop. Welcome additions all.
Monday, the troop started training on the Leave no trace principles. We are getting ready for back to back backpacking treks, starting with a nice weekend in April on a great section of the PCT.
In my next few podcasts I will be discussing Leave no trace in detail, so watch for that.
We are looking at packing the right gear and what is in each of the Scouts backpacks. Pairing down gear, and looking at multi use gear. Our focus for this year is on “Developing an appreciation for the Our doors”.
We are doing this by getting out there and renewing our commitment to the Out door code and practicing leave no trace.
It certainly is not all work and no play. Taking the Scouts out into the wilderness proves to be just what the doctor ordered when it comes to fun and relaxation.
Once of the hardest things to work on is developing an understanding that sometimes its ok to just sit and listen to the trees, birds, and have quiet conversations.
Sometimes it’s ok not to work on knots, but to play cards and sit by the fire.
Sometimes it’s ok no to try to get as many requirements done for rank or merit badges, but admiring a water fall or the rushing of the river.
A change in philosophy to basic skills and appreciation of our wilderness area is the order of the day in our Troop. The advancement progress and other requirements will come.

Here’s what I have found. It all comes together when the Scouts are enjoying themselves. Developing that appreciation for the outdoors, using the tools of the Outdoor code and the Leave no trace principles help to facilitate that.

So, it’s been a real busy week. Scouting, family, work have all taken it’s toll on the Scoutmaster this week, but at the end of the day… life is good.

Have a Great Scouting Day!

One comment

  1. Lovely, and so true. It’s an art to enjoy life without doing anything, and it needs to be taught and practised, and the greatest place to do so is outdoors, and particularly by a campfire, in the evening, after a nice, wholesome meal, “warm hands, warm face, warm feet – ah wouldn’t it be lovely” (Completely taken out of it’s context, but never the less…)


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