Super Hero

This weekend we attended the Rendezvous of the Order for our Order of the Arrow Lodge.
The theme of the weekend was “SUPER HEROS”. The Scouts dressed up like their favorite super hero’s and played games that had the Scouts leaping tall buildings, dawning “Iron Man” uniforms, and testing their skills of Super heroism.
In short in was a fantastic weekend and a good time was had by all.

The Lodge Advisor gave an Advisor minute at the end of the annual banquet right before those that have been selected for the Vigil Honor were called out. He talked about Super heroes…
I am going to Paraphrase and add to his minute.

By definition the common traits of a Super Hero (according to Wikipedia) is:
Extraordinary powers and abilities, relevant skills, and/or advanced equipment.
A strong moral code, including a willingness to risk one’s own safety in the service of good without expectation of reward.
A motivation, such as a sense of responsibility.
A distinctive costume.
A supporting cast of recurring characters.
A back story that explains the circumstances by which the character acquired his or her abilities as well as his or her motivation for becoming a superhero. Many origin stories involve tragic elements and/or freak accidents that result in the development of the hero’s abilities.

So lets look at these traits or characteristics as it applies to real Superheroes.
Lets see… Scouts have extraordinary powers and abilities, they have positive attitudes and the ability to lead, learn, and the skills to perform anything. They are Prepared, it is their motto. These Scouts have skills and advanced equipment, NYLT, the Order of the Arrow, and Troop JLT teaches them well so they can perform their special skills of doing a Good turn daily.

They have a Strong Moral code. It is found in the Oath and Law and the obligations they take as Honored Scouts. Scouts start with a base set of Values. Those values drive our lives and the decisions we make.

A strong sense of responsibility. We understand that others needs should come before our own. We take responsibility for our actions and dedicate energy at making the team better, all the while understanding that there are things in our lives, goals and dreams, that we want to see through. We take responsibility for our goals and set a course to achieve that.

A distinctive costume.. well lets call it a uniform. Either way it shows the world who we are and when in that uniform it has the same effect as the red cap and “S” on the chest of Super Man. People have an expectation of us when we are in that uniform.

Our Supporting cast is our Scoutmasters, Committee members, Parents, and Professionals that work to make our program the world class program it is. We need our support to deliver the promise of Scouting.

Our back story is almost 100 years old. It tells a story of values, of adventure, of dedication to our communities and service, Our story is in the millions of young men currently in the program and all of those men that are currently making a contribution to our country.
The back story of Scouting is one that continues to grow and get better. It is the story of American young men that “DO THEIR BEST” to live the Scout Oath and Law to make our country, our world a better place.

Now that is a Super Hero.
The Boy Scouts of America makes Super Hero’s Daily.

“I do hereby promise, on my honor as a Scout,
that I will always and faithfully observe and
preserve the traditions of the Order of the Arrow,
Wimachtendienk, Wingolauchsik, Witahemui.

I will always regard the ties of brotherhood in the Order of the Arrow as lasting,
and will seek to preserve a cheerful spirit,
even in the midst of irksome tasks and weighty responsibilities,
and will endeavor, so far as in my power lies,
to be unselfish in service and devotion to the welfare of others.”

Have a Great Scouting Day!

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