How much can you get on the plate

“The Full Plate” always the go to analogy when talking about how busy our lives are.
We hear the excuses, or the justifications for a life filled with activity, work, and chores that preclude us from participating in one thing or another.

Everyone is busy and everyone has a plate that is full. I hear that, see it, and yeah.. live it too.
But… (ahh come knew that a but was coming)
Your plate is only as full as you want it to be. And that my friends, is the truth.
You see, you get to choose how busy you are. Now I know that there are things in your life that force options on you, School plays, family functions and the like, but by and large you pick and choose what you like, dislike and what you want to fill your 24 hours a day with.

I recently stumbled into a conversation in which a fellow Scouter railed on the expectations of other Scouters that we dedicate time and energy to this program. At first I thought… No Duh. But then I really heard what she was saying. She was saying NO. And that’s ok, but don’t beat around the bush.. just say no.
And in so far as the expectations of certain Scouters to dedicate time and energy. I am one of them.
If you commit to being a Scout leader, then be a Scout leader. An hour a week will not do.. not if you belong to a great and active unit.
You need to dedicate time and energy so that the Scouts of the unit have a remarkable time in Scouting. Not just a good time.

I constantly hear about the competition Scouting faces. I don’t buy it. It is only competitive in that other organizations, sports teams and the like are there. Choices to do one over the other typically are made by a parent that does not see value in our program, or a Scout that is bored in his Troop.
My sons both play sports and are excellent students. They go to the gym almost every day and have reasonable social lives. But they are having fun in Scouting and therefore I never have to drag them kicking a screaming. When they have a track meet or a football game.. they go, they compete, and they still have time to camp and attend troop meetings and functions.
Stepping out from under my campaign hat and slipping on my Dad hat… it means more miles on my truck, it means dinners away from the table, it means phone calls from bleachers and a syncing of planners weekly as a family. It is a commitment we make for our kids.
That same commitment we make to our Scout units. Why should it get short changed.

I am convinced, that there are fantastic Scouters out there. Scouters that want the very best for their Scouts. It takes time and energy but above all commitment.
Sometimes with commitment we put more on our plate. But you know, it’s like a good salad at a buffet, there is always room for bacon and dressing… It’s what we value and want to fill our plate with.

Take a look at your plate, if it is too full for you, evaluate what can be left off. I am sure you will agree Scouting never leaves the plate.. it is tastes too good.

Have a Great Scouting Day!

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