Wood Badge thoughts

Yesterday I attended the new Nationally required Trainers EDGE course. It is a requirement for all Scouters that wish to Staff for Wood Badge.

It was just what I needed to get my Scouting Batteries charged and pumped to take another path on Scouting’s amazing trail.

Yes, I have been asked to staff as a Troop Guide for the upcoming Wood Badge course here in my Council. And I am honored for the privilege and opportunity.

So what about Wood Badge? Why is it important? Well I suppose I could write a book about that, but I am sure it has already been written..
But let me give you my short take on it.

First, Wood Badge is in fact a direct connection to our founder, Robert Baden Powell. He started it with a group of Scoutmasters, giving them a bead from the necklace of the Zulu chief.
So we have a connection there to our founder, I think that is significant.
This connection with the founder is also a connection with our Brothers and sisters in Scouting around the world. We all have Wood Badge. The course work may be different, and the ceremonies, songs, and traditions may be a bit different, but it all leads us back to Gilwell!

Second, the Wood badge course its self is perhaps the best money can buy. The instruction you get is second to none and is worth it, not just for your Scouting lives, but your every day life.
Goal setting, understanding and developing a vision for yourself, your family, your Scout troop, living the values of Scouting, and applying all of this in a Scouting setting.

And finally, the friends and connections you make at Wood Badge are the best. Like minded people that are enthusiastic about Scouting and making the program the best it can be.
The people that become your patrol mates are the greatest friends in the world and you know that because they agree with the same oath and law as you. That you can trust.

So Wood Badge..what’s the big deal. Everything! It’s great. If you are a Wood Badger.. Keep working that ticket. If you are not.. Sign up for the next course you can. You won’t regret it… That’s a Scoutmaster Jerry guarantee.

Hear more about Wood Badge on my latest Podcast.

Have a Great Scouting Day!

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