J Falk Wood Fuel Stove

Another fantastic camp out with the Scouts from Troop 664.
I took the opportunity to try out a J Falk Wood Fuel Stove this weekend. Jason Klass from Gear Talk sent me one to try out.
I really like the stove. It is light and burned well. I was drinking coffee in 5 minutes.
Like I say in the video, I am not ready to give up my Jet boil, but having the J Falk stove is a nice addition to the camping gear.
Filmed at Camp Meriwether out on the beautiful Oregon coast, we had a great weekend and as you can see the weather cooperated with us too. Not bad for a February on the Oregon Coast.



Have a Great Scouting Day!

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2 Responses to J Falk Wood Fuel Stove

  1. ADC Kris says:

    Strikes me that there’s an awful lot of open flames that would be of concern. Is there some sort of “magic” down inside it, below the kindling??Thanks for sharing!!!

  2. Jason Klass says:

    Great video of a great stove! But, what’s that music in the background was kind of eerie! LOL

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