Program.. Program.. Program…

The secret to a successful troop… Program, Program, Program…
Well that is at least a big part of the equation when looking at a successful troop.
Here is what I mean. I call it the “Field of Dreams” philosophy.
And I’m talking about your program. Annually your Patrol leaders Council should be putting together your annual plan. Couple their plan with the plan that meets the needs and goals of the troop and you have your program.
But not any old plan will do. I’ll speak only for my troop when I say that the plan needs to be aggressive, fun, and full of adventure. That’s what boys join Scouting for. They look forward to the next adventure and long for activities that challenge and push limits.

Boys love to feel accomplishment, especially when it has something to do with activities they can brag about on Monday at school.. and yes to all you naysayers out there.. if your Scouts are having fun and pushing limits.. they will brag at School. It is when your program flat lines and becomes dull that they think Scouting is not cool.
I have been accused of living in some sort of Scouting Shangri la. Yep I do! And I am bragging about it. Again… If you build it they come. And the proof is in the pudding as my Dad used to say. By the end of March, 18 new Scouts will have joined my Troop. And why they picked us over others. PROGRAM! And to date, not one Webelos Scout from our “feeder Pack” has crossed over. This coming weekend, 8 new Scouts will be taking their first step on the adventure trail as they camp for the first time with the Troop.

Program…Program…Program. Build it. I promise they will come. Don’t.. and well, stay the same. Just remember if you want your Scouts to enjoy Scouting.. and it’s all about the boys, right? Then you owe them the opportunities of a fantastic program.
28 seat belts for this weekends trip…gonna be fun!

Have a Great Scouting Day!

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