The "Not so new" Centennial Uniform

While the “New” uniform has not been fully integrated yet, and what I mean by that is that not everyone has one, it is fair to say that it is here and it is here to stay. And my personal opinion, now that I have been wearing mine for a few months. I love it.

What I am having a hard time with is the resistance of some leaders when it comes to the uniform. It seems that there is a group of “leaders” that resist change for the sake of change.

Overheard at Round table: “I won’t buy the new uniform until they make me”, “the new uniform does not fit right and looks shabby, why can’t they go back to the old green uniform with the red piping?”, and finally, it costs too much… I’m going to buy a couple “old Shirts” so I can keep wearing them instead.”

WOW… are you kidding me?
First off no one will ever make you buy a uniform. But I would suggest you wear one if you are a leader. Something about setting an example. I mean, it is a method and all.
Second. “Looks Shabby”?? There is a real neat tool… invented ooohhh… way back when. Called an Iron. When used with and Ironing Board, presses the shabby out of pretty much anything.
Besides, the new uniform is designed to be used by the active Scout. In the outdoors. They (the BSA) finally got the uniform right for that. The new uniform has a look of active and adventure… it prompts the wearer to get out and get busy. If you are not doing that, well then I would take a look at your annual plan and adjust accordingly.
And finally. Cost? Not as bad as made out to be. And buying old shirts to spite the new ones…
I don’t even have a comment that I can post and keep it positive. I would suggest a small dose of growing up.

Ok.. so this post is somewhat of a rant.. and I apologize for that. Here is my point Scouts and Scouters…

We belong to the worlds greatest organization. There are 5 million Scouts and Scouters in the United States alone. That suggests to me that there is something good going on here. So to resist change for changes sake is counter productive.
Yes, I like the new uniform, I think it has been a long time coming and the BSA should have done it sooner. I also understand that timing is everything and rolling out the uniform in time for the 2010 Anniversary celebration was a good call. I am actually glad we have it now, so we can have the opportunity to convert old uniforms to the new in time for Jamboree and other Anniversary activities.
I am a Scout leader, and with that comes the responsibility of promoting the program. The uniform, like it or not, is part of that program.
I have no problem with leaders that do not want to rush out and buy one. But keep your comments to yourself, especially in public and around Scouts. They feed off of your negative attitude and it tears at the program. The program I love.

I was at a crossover the other night. 6 new boys entered my troop. They all have the “Old” tan shirt. One of the moms asked me if they had to run out and buy the new shirt. The answer was simply no. I suggested they wait till next year when they have outgrown their current shirt.
She asked if it was ok to buy an “old” shirt now for next year… and I asked why?
She didn’t really know, but told me that a leader suggested they stay with the old shirt as long as possible. I had to ask her again…why? She told me that the leader she talked to said the new uniform would never last and the BSA would change it right after Jamboree.
I suggested to her that she stop listening to the leader, he was giving her bad information, and it seemed that he just did not like the new uniform.
It is that kind of attitude that tears at the fabric (no pun intended) of the BSA and Scout organizations around the world.
We belong to the BSA. Wear your uniform with pride. Follow the guidance set forth in the program and remember to do right by the Scouts.

Change is good.

**Oh by the way… in so far as the uniform is “Not here to stay”…
Here is the new Uniform inspection sheet. I think we all should just get used to it.
I love it.

Have a Great Scouting Day!


  1. In 2001 the SA decided it was time to change our uniform. It hadn’t been properly updated since the early 1970’s. There was lots of polyester and it was not at all practical, especially for the Scouts and Leaders. However there was a lot of resistance to it. Goodness only knows why, especially as it was a lot more comfy to wear and more practical for activities.After some time, the fuss died down and now everyone wears the same uniform.There will always be some time where old and new are worn, but that is because of practicalities such as a Cub moving to Scouts in 12 months time. There would be no point in that Cub having a new Cub uniform only to have to get a new Scout one 12 months later.The point is if you’re a Scout, you wear the uniform. And if you wear the uniform, then you wear the official one, albeit with the odd local additions (badges etc).The uniform shows who we are and is our identity. Be proud, wear your correct uniform and be smart!


  2. I agree that the new shirt is better suited for active scouts. However, the pocket on the sleeve however practical and useful, makes it difficult to sew the leadership position patches on. Another complaint is that the US Flag and the Boy Scouts of America lettering is falling off after a few washings. Also, the size are running either too small or too large. The use of velcro on the pockets is good but I do miss the darker buttons. Overall a good shirt but the issues I've mentioned should be addressed. The new baseball cap is really nice and probably the best thing about the new uniform.Gary


  3. We bought the new shirts for the jamboree, and we like them fine. However, when my son washed one of them for the first time, the "Boy Scouts" lettering fell off and apparently was vaporized. No trace. So now what should we do?


  4. Here is what I am seeing… when the "Boy Scouts of America" falls off.. Folks I see are talking the old "Boy Scouts of America" strip off their old shirts and sewing them on the new one.I have two of the new shirts. I have had one since they came out and it is still in tact. The new one is holding up well too…And I wear my uniforms about 3 to 4 times a week and wash them alot.


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