Plus 6

Last night we welcomed 6 new Scouts into our Troop. The Scouts from our Troop that make up our Order of the Arrow “Tribe” put on a heck of a ceremony. They always do, but last night was special.
Last nights team was literally put together Tuesday night due to scheduling conflicts and the like. Two new Arrowmen from the troop put together regalia and studied lines and pulled off perhaps the most amazing Cross over ceremony I have seen. From start to finish, top to bottom, these 5 young men held the crowd in the palm of their hands and made a memorable experience not only for those 6 Scouts entering our Troop, but the families that looked on from their seats.

Nerves were jumping as the OA members dressed in a class room down the hall. A smattering of feathers, leather, wool and beads filled the room as well as pacing young men going over their lines “just one more time”.
When the beat of the drum called them to the stage, a transformation occurred as “Silver Arrow” called the crowds attention and bid them greetings on behalf of all of the Scouts from the Tribe of 664.
And so it went… line after line, gesture upon gesture, the Webelos Scouts sat in amazement as they were inducted into the brotherhood of the Arrow of Light and became members of a new tribe, a new band of brothers in Boy Scouting.

It was a night I will not soon forget. I am so proud of these boys. They exemplified everything that is good in Scouting. They were Loyal and Brave, Courteous and Kind, Helpful and friendly and they just did a fantastic job.

Have a Great Scouting Day!

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