Crossing the Green Line

You know that I love sporting analogies…
In baseball the Coach or Manager always has to remember the “White Line”.
The “White Line” is the base line that the manager is not supposed to cross the white line during the course of the game. The players on the field play the game and the manger coaches, makes adjustments, and gives advise from the dugout. He sends in signals and on occasion leaves the dugout to make a pitching change or settle down the pitcher.

When I was a Scout, our SPL was a total jock. He was a star football player, wrestler, and baseball stud. I remember he used to call the area where the Scoutmaster and the Assistants camped the other side of the “Green Line”.
He and the Scoutmaster would often remind one another that there was a line there .. a line that the Scoutmaster was aware of and that he only crossed when needed. When he needed to settle down the SPL or make a change that effected the troop.

I had not thought about that until our last troop election. I looked on as our new SPL took control of the Troop. As the Troop grows and the Scouts develop in skills and leadership, we Scoutmasters need to know where the green line is. And we need to be aware that crossing it can move the youth leaders a step back in their development. Stepping over the green line when it is not needed or warranted chisels away at the Boy led foundation.

Knowing that there is that Green line is an important part of the Scoutmaster/ SPL relationship.
It is a great part that allows the Scout to lead and grow.

Have a Great Scouting Day!

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