Weekend Recap

Well it was another great weekend of Scouting. Busy, but lots of fun and I got to do what I love to do the most in Scouting… Recognize those Scouts that work hard and participate in this wonderful program.

First, our Order of the Arrow Chapter held it’s annual Pow Wow weekend.
Regalia building, ceremonies workshops, great food, and lots of fun and games.
We held our monthly Chapter Officer and Advisors meetings also, it is incredible how driven these Scouts are. They really want to make their troops and the Chapter better. And they are.

Second, I had to dart away from the Pow Wow for a couple of hours to work on our District annual planning session. A good turn out of the District committee made short work of the planning. Again, the District will be busy for the rest of 2009 and through to August of 2010.
Training, Camping events, service projects, and of course a celebration of the Boy Scouts of America’s 100th Anniversary. It is such a pleasure to be in a room of Scouters that have the same passion and drive to make Scouting better.
The buzz word in industry these days is “World Class”. I would say that our District Committee is just that.

Finally we wrapped up the weekend with Scout Sunday. Keith and Shawn both have great posts on Scout Sunday so I won’t belabor that. But Sunday afternoon, the troop held it’s annual Red and Green Dinner and Court of Honor.
What a perfect ending to the weekend. We had a great pot luck meal and a lot of fun. This year the committee decided to do a “Game Show” theme. Throughout the course of the Dinner, Patrols competed in a “Family feud” style trivia game. Finally the Scoutmaster and his Assistants competed against the committee.. Yeah.. we won!.. and not one camping question among them.
Two Scouts received their Tenderfoot badge, one Scout was awarded his Second Class, and Two Scouts stepped closer to their Eagle award by being presented their Life rank.
We wrapped up the evening with my Scoutmaster minute which I will post later this week. The end of the Scoutmaster minute was to award this years “Scout of the Year”. I was proud to present Noah with this years certificate and hiking stick. He was shocked and thankful.
I am proud of him… and of all the Scouts of the troop.

It was a perfect way to end the weekend and a terrific weekend of Scouting. And a great way of getting ready for the week ahead. Planning for a camp out and receiving 6 new Scouts on Thursday. Crossover season will “officially” begin for us. And the Troop has done a great job of selling itself. We expect 15 new Scouts by the end of March. Whew.. we must be doing something right.

Thanks for letting me share.
Have a Great Scouting Day!

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