An Election of their Peers

Throughout the year we hold elections in the Troop. (Adults never get a vote) We elect Patrol leaders, Senior Patrol Leaders, and within the Patrols they hold all kinds of “elections” to get things done.
There is one election we do each year that the boys seem to take just a bit more serious, and that is when they elect Scouts into Scouting’s Honor Society, the Order of the Arrow.

When we first started electing Scouts into the OA, the Scouts really did not understand what the Order was all about. They elected any and all that were eligible.
As the Scouts of the troop became active in the Order of the Arrow and developed a clearer understanding of what the purpose of the OA, they became more selective. Selective in a positive way.

You see, the Order of the Arrow is a Service organization, dedicated to service to others and to promotion of camping in Scouting.
They are leaders, they are examples, honored campers, and understand that it is through selfless service that we help our brother.
As is states in the Order of the Arrow handbook;

To recognize those campers — Scouts and Scouters — who best exemplify the Scout Oath and Law in their daily lives, and by such recognition cause other campers to conduct themselves in such manner as to warrant recognition.
To develop and maintain camping traditions and spirit.
To promote Scout camping, which reaches its greatest effectiveness as a part of the unit’s camping program, both year-round and in the summer camp, as directed by the camping committee of the council.
To crystallize the Scout habit of helpfulness into a life purpose of leadership in cheerful service to others.

The Scouts of the troop started to learn about this through the Scouts that were in the Order.
The expectation that the Scouts placed on one another to keep it an honor, to keep membership in the Order in line with the purpose was raised.
The first obligation of all Arrowmen is to their Unit… their troop.
In our Troop, like in most Troops around the country, the Order of the Arrow elections are conducted by their Order of the Arrow Representative. Our OA rep sets the ballot of eligible candidates, with the guidance of the Scoutmaster. Then he explains the process, the election is held and the would be candidates wait to know the out come till Camporee when they are called out.

We held our annual election on Monday night. The out come, I must admit I am happy with as the Scouts truly recognized and upheld the honor of the Order.

The Order of the Arrow is a special part of Scouting, and when the Scouts understand and participate in it fully, their Scouting experience is enriched and the unit benefits by having Scouts that are motivated and dedicated to service.

Have a Great Scouting Day!


  1. Our troop recently held the first OA election since much before my Scout crossed over. I was not in OA as a Scout, and OA is not very active in our rural Council. It will be interesting to see if boys elected will decide to become involved, and how this will strengthen their leadership within the troop.


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