What ever happened…

When I was a Scout singing was a big part of our meetings, camp outs, and of course camp fires.
I have noticed lately that Scouts don’t really like to sing that much. Why is that? What ever happened to singing? I love it, and as corny as it seems, singing is such a big part of Scouting we need to reintroduce the idea and get our Scouts singing.

This summer at camp I went to the Scoutmaster Breakfast. After breakfast the camp director got up and told us that there was a camp tradition that has been around for ever, after breakfast they sing. And we all stood and sang. It was fantastic!! It brought me back to my youth as a Scout.

Traditional Scouting songs and songs of Americana. Can only help raise our young men to be better citizens and folks that enjoy a song and not are afraid to belt out a tune now and then.
I love to hang out with Cub Scouts.. they will sing at the drop of a hat, but it seems that Boy Scouts are too cool to sing.
Lets bring it back!

So here is the song we sang this summer.. a great song to get a meeting going or rally up the Scouts at a camp fire.

I’ve Been workin’ on the railroad.

I’ve been workin’ on the railroad, All the live long day.
I’ve been workin’ on the railroad, Just to pass the time away.
Don’t you hear the whistle blowing?
Rise up so early in the morn.
Don’t you hear the captain shouting
“Dinah, blow your horn?
“Dinah, won’t you blow,
Dinah, won’t you blow,
Dinah, won’t you blow your horn?
Dinah, won’t you blow,
Dinah, won’t you blow,
Dinah, won’t you blow your horn?

Someone’s in the kitchen with Dinah.
Someone’s in the kitchen, I know.
Someone’s in the kitchen with Dinah
Strumming on the old banjo.

Fee, fie, fiddle-e-i-o.Fee, fie,
Fee, fie, fiddle-e-i-o.
Strumming on the old banjo.

Copyrighted, 1936, by Calumet Music Co., Chicago, ILL


Have a Great Scouting Day!


  1. Yeah, I’m bummed about that, too. Our troop has been around for 55 years and we have a shipping container that contains all of our stuff. When we moved sponsors a few years ago I had the job of going through the bin to get rid of stuff we didn’t need to take with us. I found these old songbooks someone had taken the time to make up for our troop, with a cover and everything. I saved one for posterity, but except for one outing where I pushed the matter we have never done singing. Even my daughter’s girl scout troop doesn’t sing like they used to when they were Brownies. I keep trying to tell the kids that Scouts is a place where you don’t have to worry about being cool; you’re allowed to be goofy and it’s fun. They are still too self-conscious to let go. It’s one reason I’m so happy to be back in Cub Scouts with my youngest son. I get to be a goofball there and the kids love it instead of being embarrased on my behalf.


  2. I think it's one of those things about growing up! I've noticed this from seeing our Beavers, Cubs & Scouts and also from my own personal experience as well. The Beavers and Cubs love singing at campfires, but the Scouts don't – as you say, 'it's not very cool is it?'But I've noticed that I used to sit around at campfires and not join in when I was a Scout, but as I've got older as a Leader, I've got more into it again. And I can still remember all the words!It does help that we've got a couple of really enthusiastic Leaders who are great at running campfires!All together 'I'm singing in the rain……'


  3. They still sing at the Ed Bryant Scout Reservation, but it is hard to get everyone participating. Each camp wide meal features the staff leading a song, and campfires are about half skits and half songs.A few years ago when I was on staff we had a staff member who played guitar and that helped so much. Scouts would get interested when he pulled it out to play along for a song.


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