Friends of Scouting

It is that time of year again when we start thinking about paying our commitment to Scouting forward to the future.
Friends of Scouting is the Council’s annual fundraising campaign. I won’t go into great details, but lets leave it here… 85% of the funds raised through FOS directly impacts the Scouting program.
Summer Camps, Day camps, Staff, and up keep of properties… we get to see, touch, and take advantage of everything our FOS dollar pays for.. Now that is return on the Dollar.
A Scout is Helpful. We all should take that to heart when making our FOS contribution.
A Scout is Thrifty. We all need to remember that when making our FOS contribution in that we all help pay our way in Scouting.
FOS does this and more.

Listen to my latest podcast on Friends of Scouting.

Have a Great Scouting Day!


  1. An interesting show, Jerry.We don’t have anything similar in the UK, the majority of fundraising is done by individual Groups and only by District if a major activity is being planned.Money to Gilwell is through annual capitation and that’s it. Our local camp sites don’t get any of this money and must ‘pay their own way’. However, as with your FOS money, all of it goes to running the SA for the young people.


  2. I am conflicted about Friends of Scouting. None of our families are well off–many struggle to pay for activities–although community businesses support FOS. The thing is, any ‘value’ provided by Council Staff is seldom visible and Council doesn’t visibly invest in our nearest Council camp. In fact, if Council went away, nobody would really miss them.


  3. JC-I don’t understand the conflict. Visability is a YOU problem. I am sure that your Council is extremely interested in Your local camp (s).just because you do not see it, does not mean it is not happening.The camp has a ranger, right? Well he has to eat. The Camp has a least 1 truck or other mode of transport.. it needs gas, oil and up keep.The camp provides out houses I’m sure. They get cleaned and stocked with TP etc.There is a lot of things that our Councils do that are not transparent or visible to us. But that does not mean that the functions of providing the program are not happening.I know you are not being intellectually honest when you say you would not miss the Council if they went away.You obviously are not active in running an effective program if you think that way.I am not a “Council homer” but I like to see my Scouts advance. I need the Council to provide the support of administration so they are National credited with Rank etc.I like my leaders trained. Training materials provided by the Council reduce the cost to my unit.I like the support staff that processes applications and tour permits. Permits that keep my unit legitimate and safe in the long run.I like to take my Troop camping at the Council camps. Having the support staff to accept my reservation is nice, so we don’t stumble all over each other.with 1600 units in our Council that would be a nightmare to orgainze with a group of voulnteers.85% of FOS dollars go directly to what my unit can see, feel, smell, and take advantage of.I would rethink my position about FOS if I were you and realize that the money contributed by your Scouting families goes a long way to providing for great Scouting programs in your Council.Just a thought.


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