Stop and Continue

Continuing from yesterdays post on the Start, Stop, and Continue process…
Here is the rest of my observations of this weekend… keep in mind this is the readers digest version.”
As a Scoutmaster, I keep a lot of notes on the Troop, always trying to make things better and improve the program that we have. Keeping notes is a critical part of Scoutmastership.

So here is Stop and Continue.

Stop: Those things that we need to stop doing as they contribute nothing to the Troops plan.
Stop: Although our method of camping is that of a Backpacking style… we need to stop getting away from working as a Patrol. Meals, even cooked in “Buddy teams” should be prepared in a group setting. This will eliminate confusion and assist in meal preparation.
Stop: As a Troop we need to focus on getting camp established and spend less time initially goofing off. There was not much of that this camp out, but it always is worth mentioning. Some Patrols did better than others, and like I said there was not much in that regard. But the more focused we stay in camp set up, the more time we will have for fun and games later.

Stop: Making last minute changes. Once a plan is established… go with it. If adjustments need to be made, than make adjustments to the plan. But stick with the plan.The plan was to leave the Winter Lodge by 10:00 AM. This would have given the Troop more time to dig snow caves and focus on the winter skills that were initially on the task list.

Continue. Those things that we need to continue do to make sure we have a sound program that meets the needs of the Scouts, the goals of the camp out and using the methods outlined by the program and the stated goals of the Troop.

Continue: To have fun.

Continue: To have safe camp outs that test skills and push the Scouts to make decisions, practice critical thinking skills, and work as a Patrol.

Continue: Camping in the cold. It sharpens skills and develops confidence in the Scouts.

Last night at the Troop meeting the Patrols went through their Start, Stop, and Continue process. Some of the Scouts and I discussed the out come. We compared notes and the realized that we all learned a lot from this winter camp out.

The Scouts are sharpening skills and each year become better, seasoned campers, especially in the extreme cold.

I can’t tell you how much pride I have in the Scouts of my Troop. It’s why I do this.

Have a Great Scouting Day!

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