Start, Stop, and to be Continued

I have written about this before, so if you don’t know what I am talking about here is the readers digest version.
Start, Stop, and Continue is a tool that you can use to evaluate any activity that your Troop undertakes. It is a way of learning and preparing for the next time. It is simple and should be used at all levels, in particular within the Patrols. So allow me to share my Start, Stop, and Continue notes from the Camp out we just completed this weekend.

Location: Mt Hood, Oregon (White River East)
Overview. The plan was to stay at the Aubrey Watzek Lodge on Friday night, enjoy a night of tubing and fun. Saturday morning, the Troop would move to White River East and establish a camp site. There would be an opportunity for snow caving and sharpening Winter camping skills.

Start: Those things that we need to start doing better.
First I would suggest we start the training process for winter camping a little earlier. The Shake down the Monday night prior to the camp out was instrumental in the success of the camp out, however, as we discovered Scouts missing items, or not fully understanding the need for certain items, it was obvious that more time is needed to teach and check the Scouts of the Troop. Maybe starting a week or two earlier would be beneficial. It could allow for two shake downs to better check gear. Perhaps having the second shake down to allow the Scouts to correct and have a re inspection a week before the trip.
Start: Spending more time with individual scouts teaching and coaching winter camping skills.
Start: Getting to the winter lodge earlier to allow the Scouts to have more fun Friday night and get a good nights rest, allowing us to leave the lodge earlier so the Scouts can have more day light to work on their snow caves.

Look for STOP in tomorrows post.

Have a Great Scouting Day!

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