Never let ’em see you sweat

Stress plays a big part in most of our lives. It is how we deal with that stress that is important and how it will effect your life.
There are certain things that are non negotiable in life, certain things that bring on stress that you just can’t shake. So what and how are you going to deal with it?
Well, I can’t answer that for you… I don’t know what those things are in your life, but what I can suggest is that you recognize what those things are and figure out how you can deal with them to reduce the stress.

You need to know what those stressors are and how you might be able to avoid or minimize them.
We know that money is always a stressor… so do something about it.
We know that change can be a stressor… so figure out how you can adapt and make the changes necessary to go with those changes.
We know that the Parents of our Scouts can sometimes add stress, so figure out who they are, and what they do to push your buttons. Then remember that it is the Scout that is why you do this and move on.
We know that certain activities can add stress to you. Well, I would not suggest avoiding activity, but know what those are and what you need to do to combat those stressors.

To many stress can overwhelm them. It is all about how we deal with the stress.

So here is my simple, and I mean simple remedy for stress.
1. Remember what is important. If it is not important, than it is not a stressor.
2. Focus on Number 1. The important stuff. Your family, your Scouts, your health.. you decide.

3. If it is not important.. don’t stress about it.

Too many people stress about things that they can not control, have input for, and otherwise have no solutions for. I guess I would ask Why? It seems that for some people they need the stress to make themselves feel like they are part of the process. Now I am not talking about anyone in particular. I just know of the condition and see it manifest, especially in Scouting. And there is the rub.
Why would anyone stress about anything in Scouting.
I can not think of one situation… not one that I need to stress over.
Safety issues? No.. have a plan to minimize the risk.
Advancement? No.. work with the Scout, its up the them weather they advance or not… so why stress. You are not earning it, they are.
Money/ Fundraising? No.. just get out there and do.. or not. The more you do, the better your chances of success. The less.. well you get the point.

It seems I have a simple answer for everything. Yep, for the most part I do. You see, I don’t stress. Everything has an answer, and usually situations can be resolved by being simple. Talking, listening, acting in a reasonable manner. I have no room for drama and stress. It is not healthy.

So don’t stress. If you are bothered… Do something about it. Or don’t, but stressing over it will accomplish nothing.

Have a Great Stress free Scouting Day!

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