Backpacking tip of the week

This weeks tip is about hydration.
Hydrating your body is important…no matter what time of the year. To coin the phrase from Camel Back… “Hydrate or Die”!

I have morphed in my methods for hydration over the years. From a canteen when I was kid to Camel Backs and Nalgene water bottles to what I am using the Platypus hydration system.

The Platypus offers versatile ways to stay hydrated, collect water, store your water, and transport it.
My MSR Sweetwater filter works with the Platypus which makes pumping and filtering water real simple on the trail. You don’t have to worry about “Dirty bags” or transferring your water.. from the source, to the container (Bladder) and you are ready.
The Platypus has a mouth that is big enough to pour and drink directly out of, and with the cap and thread system that comes with it, attachments are easy to connect and work with.
I use the 2 liter bladders. I have a drink tube kit which allows me to move it from one bladder to another. Like I said before, the MSR Sweetwater filter has an adapter that screws directly to the bladder.
Push/Pull caps really make the Platypus a great system and makes for easy in camp use.
The Platypus is tough and durable, I have never had an issue with leaking or bursting.

When the Platypus bladder is empty it is light and rolls up small.. a pleasure to have in your pack.

I don’t get paid by Cascade Designs or Platypus, but I have three bladders in my pack and I love ’em.

Read More about the Importance of staying Hydrated.

Have a Great Scouting Day!

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