A Scout is Thrifty

Last night at our troop meeting I had a Scout approach me and announce that “My Family is Poor”. And that was the reason that he did not participate in many activities.
Well, to begin, we do not charge extra for activities, all activities are paid through dues (which he is paid up for). But it struck me as odd that the announcement was made.
My response… Well son, I seem to have heard that a Scout is thrifty. So what are YOU doing about it?
Yes, I put the situation for paying for Scouting right in his lap… not Mom and Dad’s bank account.
Are you collecting cans, shoveling snow, mowing lawns, do odd jobs for neighbors? NO, NO, NO.
Did you sell popcorn, candy, and Christmas wreaths? NO, NO, NO.
Then what are you doing to be thrifty?
When I was a Scout, our Scoutmaster told us that part of being Thrifty was that a Scout paid his own way. I walked dogs, mowed lawns, and baby sat to pay my way through Scouting. I am sure that my parents wrote many checks also, but the point was, I worked to make a contribution.
While I truly believe that money will never be a reason for a boy not to participate in Scouting activities, all they have to do is want to be there, I do believe that the value of being Thrifty is one that can last their life times, setting them up for financial wellness in the future.
This Scout looked at me with surprise. I must have been the first one to ever insist that he work for what he gets.

There is no reason a boy has to do without Scouting, especially money. But paying your own way goes a long way in life, and a Scout is Thrifty. He sets a goal, makes a plan, works his plan, and reaps the benefits of the hard work he put into making it real.

Have a Great Scouting Day!


  1. Well said Jerry. Without this sounding too much like a rant, I think there is a bit too much reliance on Mum and Dad to pay for everything. Having said that some parents don’t seem to help by not being able to say ‘no’.I’m sure he will now realise the value of money.I hope this young man will now get less of a shock to his system when he has to work for a living.


  2. This reminds me to count my blessings. We may not be poor, but neither are we well off. This year, of their own volition, my son (a newly minted First Class) and daughter (new to the Venture Crew) both paid their own dues. Their money came from earnings over the year.


  3. Yes very well said and I agree totally. Could someone direct me to some literature on pay your own way or being thrifty. I’m trying to show committee members and scouts why is good pay dues and an easy way for them to keep attendance record and all.
    thanks JB


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