New Year 2009

Well here we are. Happy New Year. Can you believe it is 2009.
So what are you going to do? Make resolutions, a promise, loose weight, walk more, eat right, read good books, dedicate time to family, get a better job, find happiness, earn more money, move to a better town, start a swear jar, play with the kids more, hug your wife every day, tell someone special you love them more than once this year, write a book, hike, save money, fix up the house, live the Scout Oath and Law everyday?

It’s the new year!! Start, Stop, and Continue!. Make a resolution if you need to, but if you do… make it past February. Regardless.. Have a Great New Year!

Oh…and Have a Great Scouting Day!

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2 Responses to New Year 2009

  1. buffaloeagle says:

    happy new year Jarry. I made my annual resolution to not make any resolutions. Keep up the great work

  2. Shawn Cleary says:

    I am only keeping up with one of my resolutions, can’t say which one…

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