The Commissioners Corner

The other night I was asked by my good Scouting friend in Green Bay to be a guest on his New podcast.
Shawn is a Unit Commissioner in the Voyageur District of the Bay Lakes Council, as well as the Dad of a couple Cub Scouts and a little cub buddy.
Shawn maintains a good blog which address’s issues that are effected by the Commissioner corps, mainly units.
I was glad to hear that he decided to get into the podcast arena, as there are really no Scouting podcasts that center its focus on commissioner issues.

Shawn had another guest on the show, he friend and ADC of his District, Keith. Keith is a worldly Scouter and has experience in the program that makes us all look like rookies.
The shows topic was Webelos to Scout transition. A subject near and dear to me.
It looks like we went long, and so Shawn is running it in two parts, or at least making two shows out of it.

You can give it a listen by clicking on the link. The Commissioners Corner Podcast.
You can also check out his blog, if you have not already done so at The Commissioners Corner Blog.

It is a pleasure to have such great friends in Scouting.

Have a Great Scouting Day!

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