Let it Snow!

Nothing to profound just a simple request.
We have had our first “Official” snow fall of the year, in fact as I sit and stare out of my window, the light dusting of Updates every 5 minutes….”THIS JUST IN… another snow flake has hit the ground”…
And panic as unfamiliar drivers hit the road to stock up on winter rations, preparing to batten down the hatches and ride out the …. Storm?

The word of the day…. Courteous.
Yep folks, the world will not stop spinning because of snow, and for those of you wrapped up in the global warming cause, well…after you put your snow shovels away, turn down your heat and and put away your sweat shop made polar fleece, and just be nice.

I just went out to our local store to pick up some Christmas lights, and sure enough the panic stricken populous was out en mass. Fighting for the up close parking lot, jocking for pole position at the check out line, and snarls to those that dare take the last of…well…anything.
That’s all I ask… just be courteous.

While the weather outside is frightful, inside it’s soooo delightful… let it snow..let it snow… let it snow…
But be courteous out there, sure makes the place better, don’t it?

Have a Great Scouting Day!

One comment

  1. Yes! Let it snow. I used to be frustrated by folks’ refusal to let a little (or even a lot) of snow mess up their plans. They still had to get to the office on time, keep their plans, whatever. Never mind that traveling in snow takes longer.Some folks need to slow down, relax, plan ahead, stay safe, be prepared before it is needed. Enjoy the weather and slow down. Can’t say it often enough: slow down the car, our lives, our ambitions. Pause and reflect and use the snow as a great excuse!


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