Good ending to a day

If you have followed the blog for any length of time, you know a couple “Non Scouting” things about me. First, I am a huge Football fan, and second, I can’t stand the way professional athletes throw their status around and set terrible examples.
And just when you think it is safe to go back in the water… Plaxico Burress and Terrell Owens stumble back into the lime light with bone head decisions and drama. Great if that’s what you want from your sports figures, but the fact that all day long sports talk radio could not seem to get off of the subject.
Last night Tim Tebow of the University of Florida restored hope when he was awarded the Maxwell award for colleges most outstanding player for the second time (only the second player in history to recieve this award twice), well deserved. But what impressed me was when he was called to the stage to receive the Disney Spirit Award. Given annually to college football’s most inspirational figure. As I watched ESPN as they presented his giving attitude and how, unlike other Florida College students, Tim spent his Spring break in the Philippines on a humanitarian mission instead of partying it up on South Beach.
He truly is the kind of young man that we could use in Sports these days. I did not hear to much about that on the radio today, it seems that talking about how a bone head who shot him self in a strip club is far more interesting, and how a loud mouth, selfish receiver is unhappy with the number of catches he gets must be head line news. I won’t bang on the media here, because they only air what we have told them we want to hear… but it sure would be nice to see a great story like Tebow receiving the Spirit Award.

But all was right in my little corner of America tonight. I had the privilege of attending one of my Scouts “Holiday Concerts” tonight. And No he’s not my son, but I was invited to attend, so I went. This Scout just made Second Class on Sunday, a rank that really tested him and demonstrated that he was willing to do the hard work. He plays the violin in the 6th grade orchestra, and he’s pretty good too. I sat with his parents and when he turned to look at them and saw me sitting there, he waved at me and smiled.
I could not help but feel pride in his accomplishments. The orchestra played a number of Christmas songs and wrapped up the show with We wish you a Merry Christmas.
After the show his parents and I met him in the lobby of the Performing Arts center. He thanked me for coming and asked if I could see him up on the stage. “Of course I did.. you did well.. I am proud of you”, I said to him and thanked him for inviting me. He told me I was welcome to come to any of his concerts. I am happy that I am worthy of being a part of his life.

All the thoughts of T.O and Plaxico seemed minimal after the concert. What really mattered was an 11 year boy playing the violin in his 6th grade orchestra. It won’t be on the news, and more than likely won’t make the head lines in tomorrows paper. But it was a great ending to the day.

Have a Great Scouting Day!

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