Giving and getting… Less?

Sitting here this morning watching the morning news, having a cup a coffee, and there was a report on Christmas giving.
The point of the story was that the economy sucked. Well… if you have a pulse and believe absolutely everything you hear..sure it sucks… So lets go with that.

And just when you thought the story was taking you down the path of doom and gloom, two ladies appeared on the screen and they were talking about going with less, but giving More.
Giving more to those that need it and going with less under their own trees. I thought now there is someone that gets it.
I had a conversation with one of my customers yesterday about charitable giving and how this year in particular it seems that giving is up. I think that people are finally realizing that those that have should be grateful and maybe, especially during the Christmas season, share a little.
Now, I won’t get political, because I am all about Capitalism and believe that we all should work hard for what we get, but you sometimes we all struggle and need a little help.
My customer was telling me his wife works for a non profit and that giving was down for some non profits. We concluded that it was because of the nature of some of them. For example, the United Way is not getting as much these days. Well is it because they support Planned Parenthood and other questionable organizations? People are being more selective about where their hard earned money goes.
Scouting is seeing an increase in giving. People realize the value they get for their buck in Scouting.
This weekend we saw a huge increase in the amount of food given during Scouting for Food. It warmed the heart.
So back to the ladies on the news this morning.
They were suggesting that, especially those that have older kids, could possibly just go with less presents this year, share gifts, or look at that special gift and call it good. Take the rest of the Christmas budget and look at charitable giving.
Good Idea.
I believe that is the spirit of the season…right?
I mean, Christ was a gift from the Father, no flashy XBox or new Car.. just a baby in a manger.
Christ is the gift that keeps on giving. God gave us his son, and then the son gave his life for us. Surely we can give a little to something that means a lot to us.
Take care of your families, charity starts at home. Then look outside your doors and take care of your neighbor.

Have a Great Scouting Day!

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