The Golden Rule?

I had a talk with a good friend of mine about a sermon he heard at his church on Sunday.
The Pastor of his Church gave a talk about the “Golden Rule” and how it is supposed to guide our lives. The preacher had a problem with peoples understanding of the rule and in particular why people did not understand it and live it.
Why, said the preacher, do people fail to understand that simply living within the rule of “Doing unto others…” makes the whole world a better place.
The more we talked I thought about this topic and applied it [as always] to Scouting. I had the same question? Why, don’t they understand?

And then it hit me. I can fix all the worlds problems with 12 words.
Yeah.. you know what they are. Starts with Trustworthy… ends with Reverent.
SO… Why is the world the way it is???

Lazy, Greedy, Selfish, Self absorbed, Arrogant, Mean, Stupid, Lack of Knowledge…
Almost sounds like a group of Dwarfs waiting on Snow White…
Why don’t people just see the forest for the trees? It is so simple.
Why cant we be Trustworthy?
Why cant we be Loyal?
What do we gain by not being helpful?
What would happen if we were actually friendly to people, other than their friends?
Wouldn’t it be better if we all were more Obedient?

I think you get the point. It’s the same old song.. different verse, same chorus.
So why not? Why can’t we live the Scout Law? Are we not aware of the impact it can have on our world?
Are we so self absorbed that we forget about those around us?
Are we so arrogant that we can not get past our self to be helpful?

You know, we can turn the economy around by being Thrifty.
We can help the environment by being clean.

We can solve crime by being obedient, Brave, and Trustworthy… and loyal to each other.
No one needs to be hungry because we are kind. No one needs to be cold because we are cheerful and helpful.

But it only works IF everyone lived it.
There was a guy.. about 2008 years ago that called us to Love our neighbor as we love ourselves. Pretty darn simple, but I guess it’s just to hard.
Man is just not meant to have it easy. But, ever since Adam took a bite from that apple, we have been learning.
Thank goodness some of us understand and want to.

The Scout Law.. Live it like you would have others live it.
Just think about what a great world this would be.

I long for the day… But its been 2008 years since the golden rule hit the scene and it still meets resistance.
The Scout law may need some time to catch on too.

Have a Great Scouting Day!

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