“The most worth-while thing is to try to put happiness into the lives of others.”- Lord Robert S.S. Baden Powell of Gilwell, founder of Scouting.

As you prepare for Christmas, give thanks for everything you have and the privileges you have just because of who you are. Help someone else this Christmas by bringing a touch of happiness to them. A smile, a hand, a hot meal, or how ever you see fit. We have a great opportunity to make a difference and bring happiness to the lives of many by working during Scouting for Food.
You know that in our community 1 out of every 17 homes will go hungry tonight. Parents are making sacrifices to keep the heat on and a roof over their heads, and so some will go without food. This, as tragic as it is can be remedied, at least for a time with our Scouting for Food campaign.
It is a fact that even when times are tough and there is uncertainty in the economy, giving still happens, in fact, the tougher the times, the more the giving. People are generous when times are bad. We see this in our FOS contributions, gifts to charities, and during our Scouting for food drive.
Last year our Troop helped with the St. Vincent dePaul food bank, we will help there again this year. The collections of food totalled 7204 lbs. That was a record. I spoke with the St. Vincent dePaul coordinator this week. She is anticipating well over 9000 lbs this year.
That is a wonderful band aid to those in need.

We are blessed to have the ability to help, to be on the giving end.
Baden Powell challenged us to “put happiness in the lives of others”! This is so simple when we remember our Oath and Law and have a Scouting Day.
Once again I was asked why I say that, to which I replied it is an attitude of living the Scout Oath and Law. It is not a dorky saying or catch phrase. It is a simple reminder to have a Scouting Day! A day in which the Scout Oath and Law are driving me. A choice I make to be all that is promised in the Oath and the attitude of living the values of the Scout law. Am I perfect? Heck no.. but remembering that I have this simple phrase to keep my compass straight, well it makes life better, for me and for others. “Putting happiness in the lives of others” as BP said, that is what it is all about, not just when we wear our Scout uniforms, but everyday. And that is why I remember to Have a Great SCOUTING day!

This Saturday is our Annual Scouting For Food Drive… I’ll be there and all the while I will know that we will put happiness in the lives of someone in our own Community. Now that is Scouting!

Have a Great Scouting Day…every day!

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