Giving it back

“It’s time to take our destiny and our definition back into our own hands,” Mazzuca said. “We have such a positive story to tell.”

I don’t know why, but sometimes things happen and it seems to hover. Lately, it seems that the subject of our impact or legacy as Scouts and Scouters has been on my mind.
First, being honored at the Council Board meeting, introduced as a member of the James E. West fellowship and Life member of the Scouting Heritage Society.
Then, having the honor of correspondence with Alvin Townley. A reminder of the impact we have on Scouting and our Nation. That no matter what our role is in Scouting and especially those that have worked to achieve the Eagle Award. The message is that we owe this organization called Scouting a great deal. It has given us so much, we need to give back.
Over the last few weeks I have been caught up with the overwhelming thought of our impact on these young men. It has almost become an obsession.
I know that the program our unit offers is consistent and in keeping with the traditions and values of the Boy Scouts of America. But are we doing all that we can to ensure our program instills the value of return in our Scouts.
I had lunch with my Dad yesterday. He was an active part in my Scouting life as a youngster.
An assistant Scoutmaster in my troop and a great teacher of out door skills.
He is a merit badge counselor and a member of our Troop committee now. We were talking about our obligation to give back. He gives as he says “till it hurts” both in time and money. And don’t we all, the point is we find what we love and who, how, and what we want to support. Scouting is unique though in that it is a values base that stays with us for our life time. In that set of values we find rules to live by and obligations that direct our lives. Obligations that ask us to serve. To give and give back.
By giving back we perpetuate those values, teach them, and watch as our young men grow in character and our nation benefits form our actions a Scouts.
Our Creed of Honor that grows in all of us.
This idea of impact is burning in me right now. It is a good time to be a Scout, Scouter or a supporter of Scouting. Our nation needs Scouts and Scouting and we as leaders need to do what we can to keep it alive and well.
The Board of Directors of the Cascade Pacific Council stated at the last Board Meeting that “Scouting is healthy.” In a time that the economy is uncertain, war, and a general attitude that our future is uncertain, the one thing that has not changed and will remain constant is Scouting.
Our values, our program, and our commitment continues to stir in the hearts of Scout leaders and the Scouts we serve.
Now if that does not make you think…well time to head to another blog.
Ralph Waldo Emerson’s observation that “an institution is the lengthened shadow of one man.” Scouting today is the “lengthened shadow” of all of us that continue to give back.

Have a Great Scouting Day!

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