The Eagle Reserve Initiative

I am not one to just promote something for the sake of promotion.. and since I don’t get paid to do this Scouting stuff when I do promote something, it is because I believe in it and think it is worth while and worth passing on.

I received an email from Alvin Townley, the author of “Legacy of Honor”. You will notice that it is on by bookshelf. Great book and worth the read. If you have not read it… please do. Again, I have no dog in the fight, just read the book.

Alvin has a new book coming out in 2009. I can’t wait to get my hands on it. But the email prompted me to check out his website again. I had not been in a long time. As I perused the site I came upon a section called the “Eagle Reserve Initiative”.
Basically he is call all Eagle Scouts to give back. Great idea.

He writes on the web site;
“In my travels across the country, I’ve heard again and again that Eagle Scouts of my generation want to give back to Scouting, but serving as a traditional weekly leader often doesn’t suit our situation in life. I’ve also seen that many troops lack the outdoor skill and leadership to provide their Scouts with the high adventure so crucial to a good experience.
So, we attacked both problems and developed a program where a group of Eagle Scouts can help chaperon a local troop on a camping trip, once a year.
The pilot took place outside Atlanta in Fall 2008 and the Eagle Reserve program is being rolled out nationwide. We just need Eagles to volunteer to get back into their element and go camping with their friends…and take along a group of Scouts.
This is our generation’s chance to give back and create this Movement’s future.”

Learn more about this great program at the Legacy of Honor website.

I think Alvin Townely has truly grasped the concept and true spirit of being an Eagle Scout.
Less about ink on a resume, more about giving back and demonstrating Scout Spirit throughout your life time.
Thanks Alvin, I appreciate what you do.


  1. His uncle and cousin are in our troop. An incredible Scouting family and a great read!!! It is funny we are starting an Eagle Only Venture Crew to do just that here in Indianapolis.Great minds think alike 😉


  2. This is where NESA has failed. Instead of being a piggy bank for Scouting it should be building mentoring programs, assisting with networking between Eagles, and provide opportunities (big & small) for Eagles to give back to Scouting.I was hopeful when I heard about the BSA reconnecting with its Alumni as part of the 100th Anniversary, however unless things change it appears that it is only a ploy to gather contact information so Council's can go after them for fundraising.


  3. Oh I don’t know dan, I think the connection or reconnection with alumni and Eagle Scouts really is a genuine attempt at making Scouting better.I think when we take a cynical view we don’t help.I know that things can always be better, but I think, and I always will think that Scouting is owned and operated by the volunteers.. rather than point to National, NESA, or anyone else.. lets look at what we are doing to invite former Scouts, Eagle Scouts, and other alumni to our units. Create a data base if they want, I don’t have a problem with that.. I mean, it creates lasting relationships, and yes it helps our Friends of Scouting Campaign also. Tell me where the problem is there?? I love Scouting and will do what it takes to make sure it is around for my Grandchildren and their Grandchildren. Thanks for the comment.Have a Great Scouting Day!


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