To those that served

Today we honor all of those that have served in the forces that protect our Country and preserve our way of life with Pride and Honor.
Thank you for your commitment, selfless service, and dedication to keeping our Nation free.

Last night we had a National Jamboree meeting. All of the Scoutmasters, Assistants, and the Council Contingent met, as we do monthly. Last night was a special meeting as we were all asked to bring our Wives, Husbands, Girlfriends, and in the cases of the 3rd Assistants… their Moms and Dads.
My Troop was tasked last night with the opening ceremony.
I thought long and hard about how I could tie in “Climbing the Mountain” which was the theme over the last two months. The fact that we are embarking on this amazing journey to the National Jamboree. But then I thought about our families, and why the Council wanted to meet and speak with our significant others to let them know just how much they are appreciated.

So I told a story about home. You have heard that home is were the heart is. Well it was a warm.. extremely hot morning just south of Baghdad. We were heading back to our camp after a long patrol that turned out to be pretty exciting.
As we approached the highway and turned South we could see in the distance, about 8 miles away a small object fluttering in the breeze.
The sun broke through the dirty sand blown windshield of our HUMMV and as we got closer and closer we could see the object more clearly. It was the flag of the United States of America. Sun bleached and tattered it was like a beacon guiding us back to camp… back to home. Camp was safe, it was protected, it was were we could relax, breath easy, and sleep knowing that it would all be ok.
Every time we went on Patrol we would look forward to seeing the flag, flying over our camp. IT meant we were safe.
The Flag doesn’t mean anything unless you make it mean something, otherwise it is just cloth, nylon or cotton. A few bars and a handful of stars that someone thought looked good.
But to me, and the men I served means HOME. Which means the world to us.
I have that flag and I showed it at the Jambo meeting last night. As I held it in my hands, a feeling of safety, comfort, peace fell over me. I am home.

My Great Grandfather served his Country, my Grandfather served, my Father served, and I dedicated 21 years of my life in the service of this wonderful Nation.
Today is Veterans Day and today I thank all those that served with honor, to those that have had to go abroad and face the enemies of our freedom, to those that understand what it means to love our home.

Happy Veterans Day!

Have a Great Scouting Day!


  1. Jerry, thank you.I am not from a military family, in fact the last family member to serve was my Grandpa who was an RAF mechanic in WW2, but I appreciate and admire the sacrifice and dedication of those who have served and do serve their countries. Without people like them and you, not matter which country they are from, we would not enjoy the freedoms we take for granted today.Thank you all. We will remember them.


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