Decisions and influence

There are things in our lives that influence every decision we make. Whether that influence comes from within, as in those experiences we have from places we have been, things we have done, that which we have learned, or from outside sources like people we come in contact with, the weather, or conditions that we can not always control.
Your experiences play a major role in the decisions you make. If you learn solid values and live them daily the decisions you make will be guided by those values. Once you have mastered skills the decisions you make when faced with situations becomes easier and require less and less thought.
Peer pressure can play a major role in the decisions our Scouts make. Our Scouts are not under any more pressure than we were when we were kids. Perceptions of Scouts being geeks or nerds have not changed in the last 30 years.
Where our Scouts can have an edge though is when they are taught that Scouting is in fact cool. The things that we do, the experiences that we have and share, the leadership that we develop and the Character that is created in our Scouts pulls them through, just as it has for years.

Our Scouts need to understand that what they are doing is cool and that becoming a real man is more important than being a “Cool guy”. I know that this is “Dad speak”… but the fact is that if our Scouts do not hear from us, they won’t.
I think it was Chief Justice Story that said that “Majorities are not always right”.
This is true for our Scouts that deal with peer pressure. They need to understand that smoking under the bleachers is not cool. They need to know that drugs are harmful and so is anyone that pushes them on you is not a friend. Even if they say “Everyone is doing it”.
Our Scouts know what Right looks like. We need to reinforce it.

The decisions that we make are influenced by many things. Scouting teaches us how to deal, process, and make sound decisions.

Have a Great Scouting Day!

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