Can you believe it?

It’s hard to believe sometimes how time flies…
We had a Troop committee meeting today, and as I sat and listened to the committee conduct it’s business, I realized that it is November. Now before you think I am a total dope…
Realizing it’s November was a contextual thing.
Here we are, a few short weeks from Thanksgiving, a month from the Christmas rush, and we are already into the 2009 plan for the Troop.
Summer Camp reservations are in, monthly camp outs are planned and as we looked forward tonight to Scout Sunday in February and our annual Red and Green Dinner for Scout week, it only took a few flips of the calendar to get there. Wow..time flies. It seems as though we just home from summer camp at Baldwin. It seems as though the group of Webelos that crossed over in March just got here, but looking at them now.. they have grown a lot.

I suppose the moral of story is don’t blink… Time seems to just fly by, and if we are not careful, it will pass you by.
There is too much in our Scouting lives that just seem to pass by. We need to stop sometimes and see what we are doing, catch the moment and enjoy it.
Tonight my sons and I were talking about National Jamboree and how quickly it is approaching.
We reminded ourselves that there is much to do before we go…
My youngest son was not that worried about the preparation, he was excited about the event.
He said that once we get there, it will be like summer camp… it will go quickly.. and he wanted to make the Jamboree last.
I thought about how smart that was, and that we need to take advantage of the time that we do have and make everything we do last.
There are so many opportunities within Scouting that we should take this approach on. So many times I have been to an event and the objective turns to how fast we can “get out of there”.
How quickly we can get it cleaned up and get home. How fast we can get through a meeting.
But what happens when we do that?
We rush, we forget, we leave things out. That, and we loose focus on the reason we do it. To have fun, build those lasting memories, and make a difference.
I know that with the upcoming National Jamboree it will be all about just that. Lasting memories, fun, and making a difference in the Scouts that we take to A.P. Hill. Two of which live in my house.

So time flies.. remember that and let it guide you to slowing down and getting the most out of everything.

Have a Great Scouting Day!… All Day… Every Day!

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  1. Where have the last 10 months of 2008 gone? It’s only 51 days until Christmas!I too find myself in the situation where you see the young Cubs join the Troop and they are quiet and somewhat subdued as they have been taken out of their comfort zone in the Pack. Now 3 – 6 months on, they join in, they are enthusiastic and want to do ever more. But when did this happen?I think the enjoyment of a Scouting activity is what makes time fly, especially when you get it right. You don’t get time to stop and end the day tired but happy. The badly planned or poorly prepared is what makes time drag. There’s nothing worse than being stuck in a meeting that goes round and round in circles that lasts for hours!So although the good things go quickly, you learn to appreciate and remember them.Nick


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