Why? Why?

I received an email the other day asking why I focus so much on leadership in our program. Now to be fair, the emailer was not from my unit, just a faithful reader of the blog.
The reader asked why I focus on leadership and am so adamant about the methods. Well as to the latter.. I think the methods speak for themselves. They are the tools or steps that we use to reach our goal (or Aim) of providing a program that teaches and develops Citizenship, Character, and Fitness.
As to the former.. Leadership. Well it’s pretty simple in my opinion. In larger part Scouting is about leadership. You see when we teach leadership we teach the Scouts how to be good servants.
We teach them responsibility, not just personal responsibility, but how to care for others.
We teach them about commitment, and how they must be committed to lead. Not for the sake of leading, but for those that they lead.
We teach them that to be a good leader, you must first be a good follower. This develops Citizenship in our Scouts. It also reinforces Character traits that allow the Scout to grow and develop into a good person. One that is part of a team, one that understands success and failure and how to overcome obstacles in the way to success.
Leadership teaches principle to use throughout their lives. Those things like “Knowing what right looks like”. Planning, Preparing, and following through with something.
Taking responsibility for ones actions and being a positive influence for others.

Yes leadership is fundamental in Scouting.
The reader asked why… “isn’t it all about Camping and Fun?”
Yes it is. It is all of that and more. As BP said…”It is a game with a purpose”. We wrap all the camping and fun up in this neat package that includes leadership.. or is led by those that want the most and best out of Scouting.

Thank you to the emailer, and thank you to all of you that take the time to read the blog, shoot an email, and make Scouting better every day!

Have a Great Scouting Day!

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