Backpacking Tip of the Week

A Bag of Bags!
Keeping your pack organized is important for many reasons.
You need to know where your gear is. When the weather gets bad, you want to be able to get to clothing, shelter, and those items that will help you get through the conditions.
Knowing where your gear is loaded will help you get to gear without becoming a the all to famous “Yard Sale” in camp. Organized gear stays clean, dry, and accounted for. It is also easy to load and maintain after the camp out is over.

To get and stay organized here is a real simple tip. DITTY BAGS.
Stuff sacks or Ditty bags keep your gear separate and neat. Your backpack should be filled with ditty bags.
Here is how I organize my pack.
First I keep my Sleeping Bag in a water proof stuff sack. It is loaded in the bottom compartment of my pack.
I then load up the ditty bags.
A ditty bag with extra socks.
A ditty bag with my clothing in it. Don’t take to much, just what you need.
One ditty back is designated for my food. A good tip for that is take a 2 gallon milk jug, once the milk is gone, cut the bottom off… make it look like a bowl, about 3 or 4 inches deep.
Put it in your dish washer and make sure it is clean..
Then put it in the bottom of your Food Ditty. It allows you to stand that bag up. The milk jug also is a great bowl for washing dishes, mixing food, and keeping things neat in the food bag.
A ditty bag for your stove and extra fuel, good to throw some matches in there too.

A ditty for your kitchen stuff. I put my spork, a bottle of Tabasco sauce, pepper etc in an old water bottle. Put it in a ditty with a micro towel and scrubby for cleaning. Don’t forget the camp suds.
I have my rain gear in a ditty in the outside pockets of my pack. Gloves and hat go in another ditty on the outside of the pack.

Everything is in its place, and everything has a ditty or stuff sack. It’s all water resistant, and organized. Finding things in my pack is easy as feeling for a bag. Loading the pack is as easy as filling my pack with little bags. It is a bag full of bags.

Have a Great Scouting Day!


  1. I tend to pack everything this way now. I will admit I use more ZipLoc bags than real ditty bags or stuff sacks. When heading off to non backpack events, I put each change of undergarments in a seperate ziploc and but my dirty or wet garments back in the bag.


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