It’s in the details…

As we get ready for our winter camping we need to exercise the Scout motto.. Be prepared.

Camping in the winter months presents different challenges and requires more skills. Winter camping requires a camper to pay closer attention to the details. Where you can get away with somethings in the summer or when the weather is nice, tempting fate in the cold weather is dangerous and could result in someone getting hurt.

So its in the details, lets start with eating.
Planning menus for the cold weather is important, as important as the clothing you wear and the gear you take.
It is important to ensure that what you put in your body is going to give you energy, keeping you warm and will fill you up. You burn more food in the cold weather. Your body wants to keeps its core warm, food is one way that you do this.
Eating warm meals and snacking a lot is key to keeping that core warm and your spirits up.
Details like how you prepare your meals is important too. When backpacking in the winter, it is important to remember that you consume more fuel in colder weather. Plan for it.
You may need bigger cooking gear to allow for more substantial meals, especially when cooking for you and your buddies. Clean up is another issue, just as important as cleaning in warmer weather, but remember that fuel issue? That’s right, you are going to burn more fuel in clean up too. Plan for it.
We will talk about gear in up coming posts, but remember that taking care of your gear will ensure it is there for you and in good repair.

Planning keeps you prepared. Prepare for all the details…It is the advantage we have that keeps us from surviving.

Have a Great Scouting Day!

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