Sunday Night.. and all is well

The tent is hung and the gear is stored. Another camp out in the books and sealed in the memories of our Scouts… and leaders.

This weekend was our annual Webelos Woods Camp out. Every year we put together a nice event, when I say we, I mean the Troops of the District under the direction of a Webelos Woods committee, during the event the Webelos are encouraged to bring mom or dad and camp with a Boy Scout Troop. Sometimes Webelos dens camp alone, but more often than not the Webelos hook up with a local troop or a troop that they are looking into.
This year we had three Webelos dens camp with our troop. It amounted to a big crowd of plaid wearing, high energy, super scouts.
Needless to say we had a blast. I am extremely proud of the Troop. They started the weekend Friday night by helping the Webelos and their parents get their tents set up. They cooked all the meals for their patrols and invited the Webelos and their parents to eat with them too. They all ate well.. I ate with the patrols too this weekend.
Saturday was a busy day, the boys from the troop provided guides to make sure the Webelos got around to all the stations and earned their beads. They did archery, bb guns, fire building, some pioneering games and of course a visit to their hosts for some awesome cooking.
Noah and Cameron, and Lucas were stand outs this weekend.. they were extremely helpful and helped make the weekend a success for the Webelos.
One of the best parts of the weekend was this morning when James, our Chaplains aide did a fantastic Scouts Own service… totally off the cuff. The whole camp was in attendance. He talked about the choices we make in our lives and that by making the choice to stay in Scouting… we make our lives and the lives of people around us better.
I thought his message was spot on.
We sang a song, he invited me to do a Scoutmasters minute, and we closed with prayer. It was a real nice service.
It was nice to hear the comments about how prepared he was and that he represented our troop well.
The Webelos Woods Committee had asked if we would provide a Chaplains Aide to do the service, we agreed.. they were happy to see the results.
So it was a great weekend that showed us the future of our programs. The Webelos are there and are interested in coming up to the Troop.. I can’t wait to get them on the trail to new adventures.

Have a great Scouting Day!

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  1. It’s great to hear that troops are “marketing” to the Webelos and getting them excited. We have had some issues with that in my district. We may have to tap you for some additional direction.Thanks!


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