Some Leadership lessons from NOLS

The National Outdoor leadership School is a premier organization that teaches leadership using the outdoors as a class room.
It challenges the student to push themselves as they lead others. Critical thinking, skills, and team building are just a part of the course that drives the NOLS and its students to adventure, learning, and what they call the Expedition Behavior.
All of this translates well with the Boy Scouts of America.
Opportunities to take NOLS classes are many and I encourage you to take advantage of local courses. If nothing else, check out a Master Educator course for Leave no Trace.

So leadership the NOLS way…
Here are some of the responsibilities of a Leader, see how many directly translate to the BSA?

1. Help a group set goals and move them toward them safely.

2. Support and help create many strong leaders.
3. Encourage responsibility in each member.
4. Use individual and collective strengths.
5. Engender trust by serving as a role model.
6. Act as a mentor and coach others.
7. Be Accountable.
8. Create a safe environment for learning.

Sounds pretty much like the job description of the Patrol leaders and Senior Patrol Leader. Right?

We can learn a lot when we look outside of the box. Continuing to learn is part of dynamic leadership and when we look around we see opportunities everywhere.

The National Outdoor Leadership School is a fantastic organization, check them out and see what they offer.

Have a Great Scouting Day!

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