And further more…

After re reading my last post, in response to a Jambo Interview question, I thought it interesting that as an Adult leader in Scouting…

We should know all that stuff and act like it too.. all the time. Not just when it comes to interviews.. and maybe, just maybe that is the key to a successful interview and program in general. So here are some thoughts on the post that stuck out to me.. and heck I wrote it.

Uniform. One thing that has been stressed a lot in the preparation for the Jambo is the uniform.
Now, I always wear the uniform complete and properly, but it strikes me as odd that many Scout leaders both do not understand the method and do not wear the uniform complete and properly.
So..yeah.. if you do not, check it out and follow the method.

Know the Scout Oath and Law.. and live it. The Scout oath charges us to “DO OUR BEST”. We are not perfect, that’s a fact, but we should at least try… Right?

And I’ll wrap this post up with the scenarios listed. [See the other post]
We should constantly be thinking about the risk and how we manage that risk as we go about the business of our Troop’s program.
Making notes, and keeping a journal aids me in remembering lessons learned.
Go over your notes and come up with the best courses of action for your unit. Share that with the Scouts, it will become invaluable in their leadership development.

Have a Great Scouting Day!

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