Hi Ho Hi Ho.. it’s get ready for Jambo!

I just returned from our Contingent “Get to know Ya!” Weekend.
During the weekend, we learned which leaders would be going with which in the 14 Troops that will be attending from the Cascade Pacific Council.
Since I have been selected to go as a Scoutmaster, I was extremely interested in who would be the team members that would make up our Troops Adult leadership. I could not have got a better team.
Dave, Rob, Adam, and I will be a terrific team to get the Scouts to DC and tour, Camp at Jambo, and return safely to home to tell of our outstanding adventure.
I honestly could not be happier with the team.

The lesson of the weekend was that no matter what the circumstance, no matter what the situation, problem or obstacle… working as a team we can do anything.

To be a high performance team, which is what it takes to move 36 Scouts and 4 Adult leaders from the West Coast to the East Coast, tour for a week in our Nations Capital and other historical sites, like Gettysburg and Mt. Vernon, Camp at the Jamboree for a week, and then a trip to Busch Gardens and then back home, is a must.
To get there, the team has got to come together and work well. Understanding who you are in the team is the first step. You must know your role as it applies to the team.
To know your role, you need to understand the job. What is expected of you? What is the job description? Do I have the skills and tools to do the job?
Part of this weekends events was to get to know who we were individually.
To do this we took and assessment. Now I won’t go into the details of the assessment, but suffice it to saw that after I took it… it was like looking in a mirror. The developer of the assessment read me like Boy’s Life.
The point of the tool was to have each leader look at him or herself and how they will complement or hinder the team. It is the Scoutmaster that will have to know the personalities of the leaders with him and how he can best provide PURPOSE, DIRECTION, and MOTIVATION.
Now as luck would have it, Purpose, Direction, and most of all Motivation are not hard to come by when we are talking about National Jamboree. Everyone at the training this weekend not only filled out an application, underwent an interview, was selected and accepted the position, but also is paying lots..and I mean lots of money for this adventure.

The motivation of the trip, showing the boys a part of the Nation that they may not otherwise see, and knowing that they will achieve a mountain top experience for it is all we need.

I will be writing a lot about Jambo. I have a great team, and we are planning for the time of our lives.

If you are on the fence.. get off!!! GO TO JAMBO. The Boy Scouts of America will only turn 100 once. You do not want to miss this opportunity of a life time.

Have a Great Scouting Day!


  1. Looks like you’re in for a terrific time. I know our Leader who went to the World Jamboree last year said she had a fantastic once in a lifetime experience.I’m looking forward to reading more. Perhaps you could do a Scoutmaster Minute show when you’re there!


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