A Solid Foundation

This morning as I watched the morning news, a story about a house in Portland that was sliding down a local hill, hit the headlines.
The news told us that a house in the West hills of Portland began sliding down the hill that it sat on and was currently resting at the bottom. Total loss. I feel terrible for the family.
As a result, all the streets in the area, both at the top of the hill and the bottom of the hill are closed, right during rush hour.. of course. I am sure that the people in traffic do not understand what is going on.

This house was not built on a solid foundation. Soft ground that typically is effected by foul weather. The lack of a solid foundation caused the house to fail and slide, effecting not only the family of the house, but those that have no idea who they are. Passers by and traffic.

Like this house we need to build our character on a solid foundation. We need to use the Scout law to set the foundation of our lives on. This solid set of values will ensure that as you build your life you will be able to weather to storms, the winds, rains, and trials of life.
The Scout law is a firm foundation that will never fail. As you build on your foundation you will effect others in a positive way.

Character is our foundation. The Scout law is what makes it strong.
Build your foundation with the Scout law.

Have a Great Scouting Day!

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