I’ll take some Webelos to go.. Please.

As much as my Troop is in fact our little Utopia of Scouting… We still have the need to go out and recruit.
It is that time of the year when we are out doing Webelos Den visits and they are coming to us for activities and visits with their parents. This is a fun time. A time when we see the excited faces of these boys as they venture into the unknown, as they prepare to cross over into Boy Scouts and leave their Cub Scout days in the memory bank.

So, I’ll take some Webelos to go.. please. I will take them from their Den and introduce them to a boy that will lead them to adventure. Lead them to new heights, lead them to be leaders.
I’ll take them from arts and crafts and trips to the zoo, to backpacking adventures, caving, climbing, and a life of service.
I’ll take them into Scouting that encourages responsibility and forms character.
Webelos and Cub Scouting served them well… and we can see that. They are motivated and caring, they are driven and willing. They are ready for the next step on their trail.

But we won’t get them all. And that saddens me. Not only will our Troop not get them, but no Troop will get them all. “I won’t let Johnny camp in the rain” one mom said. “Use an ax?” said another. “He plays sports, and that’s what is important to us” a Dad proudly says. And so it goes.. the set up for drop out. And it happens, no matter how much fun the boy is having, no matter how excited he is. But then again, it’s not really what he wants.. it’s all about Mom and Dad. Sports, worries, and a bit of over protection… I can see that. But why not a little more understanding of the program? Do you know our goals? Our goals of Character, Citizenship, and fitness? That sports plays a role in Scouting? That camping in the rain develops skills, teamwork, and confidence? Learning new skills that may help one day in a pinch? But I suppose it is easier to say no.. or not understand what is best… for the Boy.

Well.. I’ll take some Webelos to go..please.. To go with us in Scouting!
Give it a shot.. if you sitting on the fence, I am sure you won’t regret it in the end.

Have a Great Scouting Day!


  1. I think this is where we are slightly luckier in the UK as we have our own Cub pack which leads straight into our Troop (just as our Beavers lead into Cubs). So we rarely have to actively recruit. In fact we're getting close to being full at the moment!Also because of this the Cubs already know to varying degrees all the Leaders in the Troop.I think over protection from the parents is also a worrying issue. Now, I'm not a parent so I can't really comment from that side of the argument, but I always remember the time on camp I wasn't using my bow saw correctly and I cut myself and needed stitches in my hand. I was taken to the hospital, got sorted and went home and my Mum and Dad asked if I was ok and if I was going back to camp. Silly question! However, some parents would react quite differently. My Mum & Dad took the attitude that I was ok, I'd been stitched and that I'd learned that I needed to use the saw correctly next time!Kids can't be wrapped up in cotton wool all the time, they need to make mistakes and slightly damage themselves to learn. I know I did!


  2. I like the excuses that you get, I think that we all hear them, but really, so parents think that we are creating little axe-wielding maniacs? Or that little Tommy, who loves scouting and football, and decides to drop the scouting, is going to get further in life for not choosing scouting over football? Your chances of becoming something great as an Eagle Scout far outweigh your chances of playing pro football…plus scouting is year-round…football is only for 3 months…psst, hey mom and dad…he can do both…


  3. I’ve been watching the boys in our school as they grow, particularly the ones who drop out because they “like sports better”. Generally within a year of leaving Scouting, they stop the sports too, because it gets more cut-throat, or is just the same old thing. Then, these boys have the rest of their youth to wander around, never really focusing on anything. Is it because the parents are selfish and are perfectly happy not having to attend to the boys’ schedules? I don’t know, but it is a sad thing to watch.Many people in our society have forgotten what it means to commit to something and stay with it, even if it’s a little boring right now. We see it in marriages and in scouting.


  4. I saw the title and just had to read this. Webelos to go, well that’s the impression most of my local troops give me. I’ll take your Webelos and go. Then Scout Master Jerry hits it out of the park on me with just how right you do things. You were doing den visits. In my area the den has to visit the troop. To me this show that you have and active and well developed relationship with the packs in your area. Some thing I am always being told to develop from the Cub Scout side. Nice to see you doing it from the boys scout side.


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