Kinda Non- Scout related… but it is all about Character in the end…
Last night
, after we got home from my sons football game we were talking about how proud I was of the teams performance, in particular the play of a certain Quarterback.
Josh’s team really played well. They mixed the run and pass and controlled the line of scrimmage. It was a real team effort and when the final whistle blew the Score board told the tale. Mustangs 45- Thunderbirds – 14. It was a dominating game.
The coach for the Mustangs realizing that victory was in the bag had the boys pretty much run the ball the entire 4th quarter. Never punted, and when they did score their final touchdown, they took a knee rather than go for the extra point. I thought it was a classy display of sportsmanship.

I played sports from little league to football and played some in high school too. I remember the coaches always telling us that we never stop playing. If we are down 50, we still play every snap, every down, every play until the whistle blows. It is part of being a competitor.
Competition is healthy, especially when it is done in the spirit of sportsmanship.
That is what the Mustangs did yesterday. They played as a team and they played till the finally whistle blew.

So last night, when Josh got home he told us that their team (the Coach) had to write a letter of apology to the other team for “Running up the Score”. I think this is ridiculous. 45-14 is not excessive in my book, and had the other teams coach been watching the game, he would see that the Mustangs pretty much laid down in the 4th. The fact that he had not prepared his team to play, his lack of coaching during the game maybe? Who is in the wrong here. What are we teaching our boys? Stop playing?
The facts of life are that there are winners and losers. And that’s the way it is. It is ok to be a winner. Being a winner does not mean you rub it in the face of the looser, and it also does not mean you say you are sorry for being a winner.

It boggles my mind.
I am proud of my son and his team. They played well. They played with class and they won. They shook the hands of their opponents and wished them well. No arrogance, no taunting, just boys playing football. It is they way it should be.

I hope the letter that the coach writes is as classy as his team.

Have a Great Scouting Day!

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