My what a good boy am I… huh?

As you know if you read my Blog with any degree of regularity, I am a Football fan. So this is my favorite time of the year.
I have posted before about Sports stars and their antics, and this one will not be any different.
You see they just never seem to quit giving us material for life lessons.
Today on my way to a Cub Scout recruit night, I was listening to a local Sports talk station.
A story came on about Ricky Williams, running back for the Dolphins. They had a sound byte of Ricky explaining how he struggled over the bye week not to smoke Marijuana, to which the reporters in the room and the team gave him praise and support.
The attitude was that he deserved a high five for not doing something he should not do anyway. Kinda like saying I wanted to rob the bank… but I fought off the urge.. My what a good boy am I.

This attitude makes my mad. Mad at our media, for making him out to be a “Good Guy” because he chose not to break the law, not to smoke an illegal substance, in short..not to do something stupid. And to put it on the news, to make him out as a super star… this guy has made a lot of bad choices along the way.. hardly what I would call a role model.. but then again, as a football fan, my expectation is not as a role model. I just want to see him run the ball. Unfortunately, there are kids that look up to this guy.
My son is the starting Quarterback for his 7th grade football team. On the walls of his room are pictures of Football stars. We have had a talk about them and what makes them great.
Skills on the field, talent, athleticism. What about character and integrity? Ricky.. no you missed that. Judgement? Loyalty? Nope missed that too.
Yeah, you can run the ball, and I honestly can say that I enjoyed watching you at Texas as you broke 22 NCAA records for rushing, winning the Heisman in ’98… An amazing talent that has been troubled… pardon the pun… wasted.
And for that you are not a role model, but you know that or you would not do the things that you do.

Next time you are at a Pack meeting, or a Troop meeting, look around the room. There are a lot of tan shirts with people in them that have amazing talent, amazing Character, and amazing dedication.
These people in tan are the Adults that give so much for Scouting. They are great Role Models.
Next time you sit with your son and talk about his Sports hero.. talk about how that man, or women measures up to the Scout Law. Is Ricky trustworthy and Loyal to his team?

Have him thank his Den Leader or Cubmaster. The Assistant Scoutmaster that helped him get through the trail to first class. There are plenty of role models out there. Money and fame mean very little compared to Character, Citizenship, and Fitness.

Have a Great Scouting Day!

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  1. I’m sorry to say that it’s the same here as well Jerry. Premiership footballers who are paid stupid amounts of money, go out on the town, get roaring drunk, assault or beat up someone, get sent to prison or are heavily fined and then are allowed back to their position at their football club!If I did something similar (God forbid), I’d be sacked from my job for having brought the company into disrepute – gross misconduct.There does seem to be some major double standards at play here. And as you say these are the people our young people look up to!I just hope that we as Leaders are able to show that despite these people being highly skilled at their sport, they are not great role models.


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