The Chartered Organization

The other day while I was training new Scoutmasters and Assistant Scoutmasters, we were discussion the Troop Organization.
I asked if people in the room knew who the Chartered Organization was for their units, some did, most did not.
The Chartered Organization is an important part of the Troop, Pack, or Crew.
A Chartered Organization plays a key role in the Council. The Boy Scouts of America, through the local Council grants a Charter to an organization. This could be a Church, a School, a Civic group, or many other groups that want to support Scouting and deliver a Scouting Program to the youth of a community.

Once this Charter is granted the Chartered Organization is responsible to:

Conduct Scouting in accordance with its own policies and guidelines as well as those of the BSA.
Include Scouting as part of its overall program for youth and families.
Appoint a chartered organization representative who is a member of the organization and will represent it to the Scouting district and council, serving as a voting member of each.
Select a unit committee of parents and members of the organization who will screen and select unit leaders who meet the organization’s leadership standards as well as the BSA’s standards.
Provide adequate and secure facilities for Scouting units to meet on a regular schedule with time and place reserved.
Encourage the units to participate in outdoor experiences.

I was surprised to know that many Scouters are unaware of the Chartered Organization, their Chartered Organization Representative, and how this part of Scouting affects their unit.

The key with the COR and Chartered Organization is Communication. The CO and the COR need to communicate with the Units Committee to ensure that the units needs are being met.
The Unit Committee needs to communicate with the COR to ensure that the unit is meeting the CO’s expectations and needs. Working closely together they will provide an environment that builds the very best Scouting experience for the Scouts.

Have a Great Scouting Day!


  1. Our current sponsor is the first time that I believe we have a good COR. He’s a Scout leader from way back, has two boys active in another troop, and just loves the Boy Scouts of America. He’s been instrumental in making sure our relationship with our sponsor stays good. Most of the time units seem to have little or no relationship with their sponsors. Thankfully, that’s not the case with our troop. It shouldn’t be the case, but we simply got lucky.


  2. Greetings Jerry, I agree that the chartered org has great potential, but I rarely see it exercised. In my son’s troop the Chartered Org (originally a shell set up to enable the troop) is gradually fading away. I’m looking into selt-chartering our troop, as I see the end of the CO in our future. Also, with the decline of fraternal organizations and the increasingly hostile attitude of public schools toward scouting, I think chartered orgs are becoming a thing of the past. Thoughts?


  3. No I do not believe that the CO concept is fading. I think that the CO’s will just be found in different groups. Elks, Lions Clubs, Parent Organizations, Churches. We have seen a resugents in the amount of Churches in our area stepping up.I also disgree that Fraternal organizations of fading. They are still there and love to help youth organizations.The Chartered Organization is an important part of Scouting. It keeps Scouting a Community based activity. They are out there, we just need to find and encourage them.My Troop is Chartered by a Fraternal Organization that is alive and well.Other suggestions:VFW posts.. they are younger than ever now.American Legion Posts.. them too.Local Gyms/Athletic clubs.Small business’s.Have a Great Scouting Day!


  4. Our troop was formed over 80 years ago. The CO (church) provides meeting space and a storage area. The troop rakes leaves, paints and does various service projects around the grounds. That’s the extent of our interaction.What role do you feel the CO should play in the running of the troop?


  5. Greetings Jerry, Thanks for your response on the question of fading COs. In the SF Bay area, where I reside, I think I do see a fading of fraternal orgs. I’m not sure what you meant by a “parents orgs”, but that looks alot like self-chartering to me. The VFW and Americal Legion suggestions were good and I’m going to look into that. We are friendly with a local post. Churches can be great sponsors, but if your troop started as a secular one, some parents may not be comfortable with the way in which a particular church may want to mold the troop it “adopts”.


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