Perhaps my favorite topic

Recently in the PTCmedia forums a Scouter posted a new topic. It caught my eye, as leadership always does.

His post asked several questions:

“Who makes up your unit’s leadership? Is it current parents? the Old Goat or rocking chair Patrol of people that are retired or semiretired?
What unique positions do you have? Do you have any positions outside what the BSA Recommends?
When Do you recruit your leadership? Is it an annual drive. Do you have 2 year terms, unlimited service?
Where do you get your leaders? Where do you meet?
Why do you think your successful recruiting leaders or why you need more assistance getting leaders.
How do you recruit leaders? How were you recruited?

There, that should be enough ideas to get a leader’s campfire discussion going.”

And here is or was my response…

The leaders in my unit are the Scouts. No we don’t have any unique positions. Just your basics…
Senior Patrol leader, he runs the Troop, along with his Assistant Senior Patrol Leader.
Then we have a group of Patrol Leaders. They do most of the work.
We have a Quartermaster, a Scribe, a Historian and of course a Chaplains Aide.
They have 6 month terms and are elected by their peers.

We get our leaders from Gresham High School, Reynolds High School, Dexter McCarty Middle School, and Walt Morey Middle School. We all met through the Troop.
I knew a lot of them when they were Cub Scouts.

I think we are successful because we let the boys lead. They own the Troop. They come up with the plan and they know that they have supportive Adults that are there to guide them.

Then we have a group of Teachers, Coaches, trainers, and Mentors. We typically call them Assistant Scoutmasters. We get them from Wal Mart…. no they are really just Dads that are dedicated.
We make them go to training or they can not play our game.
If they do not go to training they have an opportunity to serve on the Committee, but that means they do not work with the Scouts.Our committee is very supportive also. We have a big committee… a group of parents that want to help, but from the comfort of home. They are not required to get wet, dirty, or learn knots.
Recruiting them has not been a problem, we just ask and show them where they are NEEDED.
They do not have a term limit, we hold on to them as long as they want to stay.
I personally do not recruit leaders, that is the committee’s job, but I do make recommendations when it comes to ASMs.
We only have 4 and will only have 4 until we get bigger. We have determined that more is not always better in a boy led troop. Sure we need seat belts, but that is what the committee is for.ASMs focus their energy on coaching and teaching first. They do not make decisions, I believe that is what we call Guided Discovery.

I was recruited by our Chartering Partner, that has determined that they only will have men as the Scoutmaster and ASMs. They believe that our boys need strong male role models.. and well I am a man, so I qualified.I have a strong leadership background and an understanding of the Boy Scout program.They asked and I said yes. It was really that simple.

Oh.. and while we all…Scouts and Adults have fun.. we won’t ever be an “Old Goat” Patrol or a “Rocking Chair” Patrol.. Patrols are where the Boys practice the Patrol method. It is where they learn citizenship and practice leadership. We don’t do that. We set an example of good judgement, good character, and fitness. We are not a clique, we are Adult leaders in the Troop.

Sorry if they upsets anyone.. but when I was a Scout, I was in the Eagle Patrol, the flaming Arrow Patrol, and the Pedro Patrol.. and adults were not in my patrol then either… and they did not run around with patrol patches on demonstrating their age or position. Just a peeve of mine.

Leadership is the topic… Ours is Boy led.

So on this post.. do not leave a comment with me… just post your leadership thoughts in the forum. I am curious to read what you all think, or how you answer the questions.
Great topic.

Have a Great Scouting Day!

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