Ahh yes… the basics

It seems a theme this year so far is that we all need to get back to the basics a bit…
Ok I’ll speak for myself and my Troop, but the basics are what got us here, and the basics will move us forward.
Another aspect of the basics that we discussed last night was accountability.
Now before anyone gets their campaign hat in a knot because this is only Scouting, it serves us well to remind one another that we are here for fulfill or achieve the goals of Scouting…
Say it with me… Character Development, Citizenship training, and Physical fitness!
Ok now… if you think I am going to beat on that horse again, well.. wrong. I am coming at this from a different angle.

Last night during my Scoutmaster minute with the Troop I talked about Inspecting what we expect. If you have never heard that term before it is simply to say that if we expect a task to be completed, we need to inspect the process, the plan, and follow up. If we expect the Scouts to be in Uniform, then we should inspect our selves and make sure we are setting a good example. If I expect the Troop Committee to have a seat belt plan each month, I need to attend the committee meeting and inspect that it has been done, along with a Trip permit etc.
It is a simple leadership tool that ensures success. You see if you fail to inspect, you will fail to see the shortfalls in the execution of the plan. And therefore.. you will fail in the end.
Or at least fail to get the results you were shooting for.

Why have goals if you do not want to attain them?
Well if you want to attain the goals… inspect the process of getting there. All leaders should do this.

We also have expectations of one another. I expect a lot out of the Troop Committee, the Chartered Organization expects a lot out of me. And so do the Parents of our Troop. They expect me to run a Troop program full of adventure, skills and development. They want to see their son come out of Scouting better than when he entered the program. With Character, and good sense of Citizenship, and maybe more physically fit than when he started. An appreciation for the out doors and having had learned lesson that will last him a life time. Oh and they want him to have fun!
They expect that from me and inspect the progress frequently. They are given immediate feedback from their son every Monday night and upon return from a camping adventure. Oh and I hear it when Tommy Tenderfoot had a bad time.

The point here is that inspecting progress is in the course of any leaders regular task list.
The leader needs to understand expectations and how to attain them. Given a clear set of guidance; Purpose, Direction, and Motivation, the leader can execute the plan and produce the results desired. And yes 12 year olds can do this too!

I expect a lot out of our Junior leaders, I expect them to learn, from each other and from their mistakes. I expect them to learn from me and the assistant Scoutmasters. I expect them to do their very best. I expect them to earn and achieve. I expect them to shy away from the “Gimme”. Because in life… nothing is free. I expect them to take care of their Patrols and keep their patrols need above their own. I expect them to develop skills and teach those skills.
I expect them to wear the uniform properly and completely. I expect them to live the Scout Oath and law, not only on Mondays and camp outs… but every day. I expect them to do well in School, play sports, love their parents, and at least get along with their sisters.
I expect a lot out of our future… and I inspect all of the above.

Inspect what you expect and see the results.

Have a Great Scouting Day!

One comment

  1. Bravo, bravo! I’ve found that when expectations are clearly communicated, you often get them. The converse is also true. “High expectations for high adventures” is an oft repeated phrase. YiS, Steve


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